Now is the time

On my Etsy shop you will find many floggers, whips and collars all handmade in paracord. You can also ask for custom orders. GET 15% OFF any purchase 25$ or more in my Etsy shop till Dec 24th. Use the Code HOLIDAYS2016 at check out. OR GET FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders (Canada) … [Read more…]

Online stalking is not sexy

Rather it is online or offline, stalking is not sexy and men (it’s mostly men who do it, but women have been known to do it also) who do that have to understand it’s freaking scary. I will start by quoting something I read on another blog: Stalking in Fiction From Twilight on down, many, many Young Adult, … [Read more…]

So you want to get into spanking?

Rather you think about it for a long time or you just want to try something different, you shouldn’t get into spanking without some precautions.  There are a few pointers I would like to give you that can help you get started without getting into serious trouble. Think about what you really want. That may … [Read more…]